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Tungsten wedding rings for your loved one

Traditionally, wedding bands are just gold. However, today they were made from stainless steel, Platinum, titanium and tungsten. Tungsten wedding bands are growing in popularity offering strength, beauty and convenience.

However, before you decide to purchase tungsten wedding bands, one must be aware of the pros and cons of associated with them.


The major outlets of any type of tungsten wedding bands are their strength and durability. The ‘ hard ‘, used in the production of tungsten rings, the material is a very hard material. Because of the hardness of the material, the diamonds are used for polishing these rings during the manufacturing process. These rings have a high resistance to scratches caused by other items.

In addition, you cannot bend the tungsten, unlike other metals such as silver, gold and Platinum, that can be bent easily and is resistant to scratches. The average age of tungsten wedding band is much better than the average age of a gold wedding band.

These wedding bands are a greater appeal to those people who don’t like traditional styles and metals used. The gray color of tungsten carbide rings and different designs are available, are some of their main attractions. Among the most popular designs and Favorites is the tungsten carbide ring laser etched.


Along with their benefits tungsten rings have also some disadvantages. Surprisingly, the disadvantages of these rings for some people might be their elasticity and strength. This is because they are difficult to resize. Most people notice a change in their ring size during their lives.

As a result, the ring may or may not fit perfectly to their finger. Unlike traditional styles involving intricate details or settings of eternity, tungsten rings cannot be resized by conventional means.

In addition, a hard material that doesn’t bend easily in danger of breaking. This means that although tungsten wedding bands ever can bend and cause problems such as gold wedding rings when you fold, you are likely to break under excessive force.

Many people are allergic to cobalt tungsten rings and may experience rashes when they are exposed to cobalt. To avoid this risk, it is better to buy a tungsten ring from nickel. When you use the nickel becomes even hypoallergenic for those who are allergic to nickel. Therefore, it is important to keep these pros and cons in mind, when purchasing such rings.

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