Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Daylight-you need it (and it's free)

We all want to have large, sustainable energy sources
keep us alert, happy and creative. From designing a lifestyle
that meets the needs of our body, keeps us healthy, and
promotes our well being of course we generate sources
clean and sustainable energy.

Daylight is your fundamental source of cleaning staff
energy. Light is a fundamental requirement for a healthy body.
Sunlight is essential for the well-being and health. You
absorb and use the different components of sunlight through
eyes and skin. Be exposed to sufficient sunlight is
essential to your mental alertness, your emotional well
being and the proper production of hormones.

Light regulates internal biorhythmic cycles that govern
the ebb and flow of your physiology and contributes to
longevity, immunity and sexual functioning. Sunlight is the
It was the best source of vitamin D and sunlight exposure
shown to be protective against certain cancers.

Light deprivation can lead to stress, fatigue, symptoms
mental fogginess, depression, hyperactivity, difficulty
concentration, weakened bones and teeth and weakened
immune responses.

You need to be exposed to at least 1,000 lux of light in order
to receive health and welfare benefits. The
best light is sunlight. Even at dawn is the sunlight
light much brighter inside. At dawn, with the first
gleam of sunlight is there already 800 lux of light in
atmosphere. About 40 minutes after sunrise the light
intensity increases to 10,000 lux. Sunlight at noon on a
bright summer day is about 100,000 lux. Normal
room lighting is approximately 500 lux with some light reading
provide 1,000 lux. All natural light, even on a cloudy,
rainy or cloudy day is brighter than the normal interior light.

Our minds need at least 1,000 lux of light to a greater
alertness, concentration and creativity. Our emotional well
being that needs light for greater harmony, peace, and
vitality. Make it a regular part of your healthy life to exit
sunlight of early morning. Exposure to moderate
amount of sunlight on a regular basis from a walk in the cool
air and sunlight between 06.00 and 8: 0 for about 30
minutes. Do not wear sunglasses, as the light enters the
the body mainly through the eyes.

At this time in the morning, the Sun’s rays are not so intense
you risk getting sunburn, but bright enough to give
the healthful benefits of light. Do not expose yourself to too
down and out in the Sun, if your skin starts to feel warm and
begins to blush.

If you can’t get out in the sunlight of early morning come
the late afternoon sun (after 15: 0). For your total
health and performance requirements that you need to peak
they have about two hours of daylight every exposure

If you have problems with depression, seasonal affective
disorder, disruption in your sleep-wake cycle or a change
worker, you may have special needs and solutions about
for exposure to light. It is best to consult a professional who is
familiarity with these situations to help you develop better
timing and amount of sunlight exposure.

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